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Best Hot Tubs For 2 Persons in Canada [2023]

There is a vast selection of smaller hot tubs available in Canada, but only three models are really worth their salt.

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Who does not like to soak in a hot tub on a cold lazy Sunday with a close companion? Owning a hot bathtub is not very difficult or expensive anymore. While there are a variety of models available in a range of prices, we have selected the top 3 models of hot tubs for two persons available in Canada.

The six winners – best hot tubs for 2 persons:

1. AquaRest Spas 300 Premium – our best-designed pick

The AquaRest Spas 300 Premium has a great triangular shape that makes it look like a Ferrari in the world of hot tubs.

It is highly insulated, so it remains hot for a long time and saves your electricity. It is roomy enough for two persons and has a strong stable construction, but still lightweight and easy to set up – just fill it with water and put it on. It is almost equal to QCA Spas Sicily by customer satisfaction, and it leaves the rest of 2-person hot tubs far behind.

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2. American Spas Hot Tub AM-628TM — the most powerful with heater and jets

American Spas Hot Tub AM-0628TM will heat the water quickly due to a powerful heater (2 HPR) and maintain a comfortable temperature effectively. Just within several hours, the hot tub water will be warm enough to use.

This hot tub has the most powerful jets among other hot tubs on the list. The presence of 28 hydro (real) jets provides a pleasant massage and makes soaking in the hot tub a very relaxing experience. 

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3. Intex PureSpa — the most spacious inflatable hot tub

Although the description of the Intex PureSpa states that the hot tub is made for 6 people, a lot of customers claim that it is too small for 6 people and will be roomy enough for 2 adults.

It is the most comfortable inflatable hot tub. There is more than enough space to stretch your legs, and with this hot tub, you will also get 2 headrests for lying comfortably under the starry night sky.

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4. Bestway SaluSpa Miami — the most durable inflatable hot tub

One of the biggest concerns about inflatable hot tubs is that they are not durable. Many people believe that inflatable hot tubs last 1 season, but the owners of Bestway SaluSpa Miami prove that it can last much longer — 3-4 seasons without leaks. Manufacturers use puncture-resistant tri-tech materials to make these hot tubs enabling them to be extremely durable.

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5. QCA Spas Sicily – the roomiest and the most powerful spa

Also known as “Cordoba” or “Model 0H SM Sirius” or “Silver Star”. Not to be confused with a less powerful “Dream Star” which doesn’t have a heater.

We have selected a QCA Spas Sicily model because it is the winner in the three most important categories: Roominess, Jets power, and Solid construction quality (ideally fit hot tub for one or two persons). Easy to set up and use – just fill it with water and switch it on. All of that – at a price 20% cheaper than average.

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6. SaluSpa Siena AirJet – our best inflatable pick

The SaluSpa Siena AirJet is the winner among hot tubs under $500. Inflatable hot tubs (like this one) are less reliable than portable hot tubs (like the other two we reviewed) – they are generally less powerful, a bit shaky can be pierced easily, and look not nearly as luxurious. But because of their low price, they are widely popular and there are a lot of happy owners (we interviewed a few). Why did we select this one? Simple: the rest is a lot worse.

Benefits of this model:

  • Saves electricity
  • Roomy enough for two people and has great leg space
  • Perfect shape and is as sturdy as an inflatable hot tub can be
  • Comes with a patch up kit, to fix small leaks if they ever occur

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How did we research for this review? – an inside peek

We are different from other websites that are also offering opinions, reviews and suggestions.

To produce this review, we

  • Looked at all 36 models available for purchase
  • Selected 12 models for a detailed review (excluded outdated models or models with 100% negative feedback)
  • Consulted 2 service engineers, 12 owners, 0 salesmen
  • Analyzed over 650 customer reviews
  • Picked the most important parameters that customers were concerned about and that you should also care about (see the list)
  • Ran each model against that set of parameters to choose the winners

There’s no one else who did this type of in-depth research – in most cases, what you see online is recycled information from other websites.

An excerpt from the research
We have created this table to compare all available 2-person hot tubs on the Canadian market using the most comprehensive set of criteria: over 80 parameters that customers ever mentioned during interviews or in their reviews.

What to look for in a 2-person hot tub?

If you never bought one, the chances are that most of the things you thought are important actually are not.

Also, most probably, soon some big corporation will make hefty profits on a naive customer. They have practised the skill of touting subpar products for prime prices for decades.

For example, if you never bought white sneakers, they look very seducing. But after you buy them, you quickly realize that they get dirty fast and require daily care. Something you didn’t expect.

After speaking to people who bought tubs we discovered what really matters to the actual users.

All the winners that we recommend satisfy these basic criteria.

Here are the factors that have the most impact on your post-purchase, long-term satisfaction:

What do first-time buyers think is importantWhat is actually important
Number of jetsKind of jets – water jets or air jets? Only water jets can do the massage
Good-lookingPowerful pump (1.5+ HPR) so the jets blow well
LED lightsThick material, stable on the floor
WaterfallEasy setup, clear documentation in English
Full foam insulation & insulated cover to keep the heat
Powerful heater so it heats up quickly
Comfy to sit in, good contouring, soft headrests
Not prone to leaking either air or water
Responsive, US-based customer service
Long-term warranty & return policy (Amazon guarantees it)
Quiet operation
Box for storage of spare parts and tools

What are our incentives? Is our review biased?

Most of the “buying guides” are sponsored by hot tub makers. They have incentives to distort the truth and put their products ahead of the others.

Unlike most “review” websites, we don’t have hot tub manufacturers behind us. We have no incentive to advise particular brands or models, as our business model is different: we are supported by large retailers at no extra cost to the buyer.

Our Top Picks: In-details review of best two-person spas  in Canada

1. AquaRest Spas 300 Premium

The most luxurious two-person hot tub.

This is a very well designed triangular shaped hot tub. One of the buyers said it looks like a Ferrari. It combines great design with superb features to let you have an exhilarating spa experience – powerful jets, comfy seats, and plenty of room.

This is the only two-person hot tub where you and your companion can sit slightly turned, in a very relaxed and unintrusive manner, instead of sitting directly face-to-face (what stimulates confrontation).

AR-300 has got the best insulation among 2-person hot tubs, so it keeps the heat well and saves your electricity. The owner we interviewed confirmed it works well even during the coldest winters – and he lives in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Do not confuse with:

  • AquaRest Spas 300 Select, which is 10% cheaper but has a weak pump and doesn’t have a heater, so it will have to run pretty much all the time to stay hot in winter.

Our research shows that AquaRest Spas 300 Premium is an absolute winner on these points:

  • Look and feel – its sexy curves will win a lot of compliments, while the triangular form lets you sit hand in hand with your companion, which is more comfortable than sitting face-to-face.
  • Keeps heat the best – it stays warm for the longest time and is perfect for cold winters and for people who care about their electricity bills; the reason is that it has thick well-insulated walls and an insulated cover. 
  • Lightweight – despite having a thick construction, it is surprisingly quite lightweight and it is easy to move around whenever you want.
  • Excellent build quality – is sturdy and stable on the floor

Additionally, it’s 30% cheaper than the average of all other hot tubs under review, then this is the hot tub to go for. It won 4.54 stars out of 5, which makes it a top 5% model (models with less than 20 reviews were excluded).

Here are the technical details of this model:

1. 2-person bucket loungers 
2. Warm Hydrotherapy spa experience 
3. 20 stainless steel hydrotherapy massage jets that gently ease away tension of the day (air + water jets, dual-side air control)
4. Body contouring seats 
5. LED backlit waterfall featuring 9 colourful light settings
6. Full Foam Insulation 
7. Deluxe Cover 
8. EZ Access Water Drain Valve 
9. Easy Kleen Filtration System-100% water filtration
10. Simple set-up
11. 120V / 15 amp, can be converted to 240V / 30 amp
12. 2 HPR Two-Speed Pump
13. 1kW heater (upgradeable to 4kW)
14. Smallest footprint hot tub for backyard, garden or home.
15. Would work both indoor and outdoor.
16. Dimensions are: 80” x 68” x 31”
17. Water capacity: 160 Gallons
18. Weight: 232 lbs.

Buyer’s comments on AquaRest Spas 300 Premium 

It has a nice size for 2 persons and a very nice leather top. In fact, it is the best-priced tub for its size. .When filled with water the total weight comes to around 1800 lbs. So you should be careful about the loading capacity of your deck. I had to re-inforce mine to take that heavy load with safety.
Even with its size, it weighs 240 lbs when empty and 2 persons can easily move it without much trouble.Power cord is quite short at twelve feet.
I am very happy with the size of this hot tub. I especially like force of the jets for a great massage action.The location of the control panel is not very good making it rather difficult to access.
It is easy to maintain and just a tablespoon of chlorine mixture is sufficient after every use or bi-weekly to inhibit the growth of any organisms.The seat surface is rather rough so is the rest of interior. Hopefully, with enough use, it will gradually soften up.
It has compact design and the construction is lightweight construction which allows you to set this hot tub where you’d like easily. I love the waterfall feature.When we received the unit it has a defective sensor, however the customer service provided us with technical support and the replacement so we were up and running rather quickly.
Size is just perfect for two people. It is really economical to run – around $20 per month even in very cold snowy winter.
This hot tub has all the qualities I was looking for: powerful jets, ease of covering, and a great price. For me, this is #1 choice of all the models available. All in all, we are completely satisfied.
This is a compact but wonderful tub for 2 people. Great features and all at a great price, ..that no other tub can beat.

Q&A about AquaRest Spas 300 Premium (answered by real users)

Q: Does this hot tub requires installation by a professional plumber?
A: No. You can do it yourself. All you have to do is install the cover, tighten the jets and install the cover. Purge the pumps and fill them with water. Connect to electrical power and you are good to go. 

Q: With what material is this hot tub made of?
A: This hot tub is made of rotomolded polyethene.

Q: What is the width of the seat?
A: The width of the seat is 19 inches, quite sufficient for you to sit comfortably. 

Q: Can the spa be installed outdoors in winters at -45° C with the wind chill?
A: Now that is cold. But yes, you can install it outdoors in winters at -45° C  with the wind chill.

Q: What is the life of the filter and when it should be changed? 
A: It depends on the usage but on average, the filter should be replaced every 4 to 6 months.

Q: What about winter. Should we store it?
A: The hot tub can be used or stored in the winter, following the instructions provided. 

Q: Are there any foot jets or LED lights at the bottom of the hot tub?  
A: No. There are no foot jets nor any LED lights at the bottom of the hot tub. 

Q: What rodent protection features does this hot tub has?
A: This hot tub is made of strong material and the rodents are not particularly attracted to it nor attempt to damage it. However, a concrete foundation is the best protection and is recommended as a base for the tub. 

Q:  Is the power motor of the hot tub upgradeable?
A:  The powerful motor is designed as optimum for the jets of the hot tub. No upgrade option is offered nor recommended by the manufacturers.

Q: Is this an air blower spa?
A: The is a hot tub designed to provide powerful massage action by powerful water jets that blow both air and water.

Q: What are the colours of the light in this hot tub?
A: There is multi-colour light in this hot tub. Some of the colours are aqua white, light blue, violet, dark blue, light green, dark green, and red.  

Q:  Why an extension cord cannot be used?
A:  An extension cord can be used if it meets the specifications provided by the manufacturer. In this case, it’s not allowed and will void the warranty. Most probably, the manufacturer is looking to secure the hot tub from the potential damage that can be caused by weak extension cords.

Q: Can this hot tub be placed in a family room in the basement?
A: The tub can be placed in any room where there is adequate ventilation. However, avoid placing it in a room that is accessible to small children and pets due to safety reasons. 

Q: What needs to be underneath to support weight when full of water and people?   
A: The surface should be soli, level and must be able to support the weight of the empty tub, the water and the people in it. A good rule of thumb is a minimum load-bearing capacity of 125 pounds per square foot (610 kg per square meter). The concrete slab is the best, but strong deck made of any material with sufficient loading capacity is sufficient.  

Q:  Is the Ozonator necessary for this hot tub?  
A: An Ozonator is a device to keep the water of the hot tub clean. It is an optional item and may be ordered separately. 

Q:  How deep from the seat to the top water level?   
A:  The measurement from the top of the seat to the top of the water level is 20 inches.

Q:  Does the tub have a heater?   
A: This model of hot tub does not have a separate heater. The temperature of water rises by the heat produced by the friction of the 1.5 hp pump. 

Q:  Does this hot tub have a saltwater system?   
A:  No, this hot tub does not have a saltwater system. However, a low amount of salt can be added to the water, however, it does increase the corrosion rate. 

Q:  Can the spa be used in a bedroom?   
A: No. It is not recommended to place the hot tub in a bedroom – the hot tub should only be placed in a room or a patio with adequate ventilation. 

Q:  What is the maximum temperature of the tub?   
A:  The maximum temperature of the water in the hot tub is 104°F.

Q:  Can the spa be converted to 220 volts?   
A:  No. This hot tub operates only on 120V, but can be rewired to 220V – 240V after buying an upgrade.

Q: Can the plastic moulding hold up at 110 degrees temperature?
A: Yes, the plastic moulding is strong enough and can easily hold up at 110 degrees temperature.

Q: What are the recommended surfaces for the hot tub?
A: The recommended surfaces for the hot tub are travertine, synthetic wood, stone/slate, brick pavers, cement or stained cement. But again the real limitation is the loading capacity and the surface should have the loading capacity as recommended by the manufacturer.

2. American Spas Hot Tub AM-628TM

The most powerful heater and jets.

A drop in the water temperature when you turn on the jets is a pretty common problem. With the American Spas Hot Tub AM-0628TM, you will never have to deal with cold water. This hot tub has a highly powerful heater (2 HPR) that will heat the water quickly and maintain a comfortable temperature.

The hot tub has the most powerful jets (28 hydro jets). Hydro jets (unlike bubble jets) provide a smooth and relaxing massage. It also includes an individual on/off feature to regulate the pressure flow of the jets.

According to our research, the customers also like some other features of this hot tub:

  • It is a roomy hot tub for 2 people. You will not experience any discomfort due to the lack of space while soaking in this hot tub, just full relaxation.
  • Manufacturers have used thick and durable materials to make the walls and the floor of the hot tub.
  • It is good-looking. This luxury acrylic hot tub with an unusual shell is aesthetically pleasing and complements most interiors.

Technical details of the American Spas Hot Tub AM-628TM:

  1. 28 hydro (real) jets.
  2. An individual on/off control for the jets.
  3. Whisper 5.5 kW heavy-duty heater.
  4. Acrylic shell.
  5. Multicolour spa LED light.
  6. Hydro Clear Ozone purifies the water with Active ozone bubbles.
  7. Plug-and-Play installation.
  8. Thermo-layer floor insulation.
  9. Includes a cover.
  10. Reusable filters.

Buyer’s comments on American Spas Hot Tub AM-628TM

The jets provide a relaxing massage after a long and tiring day. The spa size is ideal for 2 people and was a good fit for our corner. I highly recommend this spa. It is quite heavy and will require a few people to move it from one place to the other.
Brilliant spa. 28 jets work well at 220v.
The presence of 2 lounges and several jets at the bottom of the feet make for a comfy city.
The cover latch system can be challenging to use. It comes with a key that is used to remove the latches.
This spa is ideal. It hasn’t given me any problems. My husband agrees that it’s a great addition to our recently renovated home. I’ve had it for a year now and it’s been working perfectly. It retains heat even when it’s pretty cold outside.
Heats the water fairly quickly. You can easily clean, drain, and refill the water the next morning and soak in it the same afternoon. We’re delighted with our purchase.

Q&A about the American Spas Hot Tub AM-628TM (answered by real users)

Q: Does the hot tub have two seats or one seat and one lounge?
A: The hot tub has2 full-sized comfortable seats. It offers great value!

Q: How warm does it get?
A: The hot tub effectively warms up to 104 degrees.

Q: Does this heat without the jets turned on?
A: Yes, it can heat with the jets turned off. At 103 degrees, it retains the heat for a long time. Since the spa will occasionally circulate the water, this will switch on the jets on a low setting. 

Q: Does it include a cover?
A: Yes, a cover is included.

3. Intex PureSpa

The most spacious inflatable hot tub.

The Intex PureSpa inflatable hot tub is proof that an inflatable hot tub can be very comfortable. It is the most spacious inflatable hot tub on the list. Primarily it was made for 6 people, but customers claim that it is ideal for 2 adults. There is enough legroom, and you can lay in this hot tub comfortably with your loved one.

But it is not only the space that makes this hot tub comfortable. It comes with 2 inflatable headrests that allow you to relax and enjoy while you soak in the hot tub.

Customers also say that they adore this hot tub due to several other reasons:

  • Surprisingly powerful jets. They are strong enough to get a perfectly smooth massage.
  • Easy-to-maintain chemical levels. It is the only inflatable hot tub that has a built-in hard water treatment system.
  • Highly energy-efficient. This hot tub is not going to affect your electricity bill dramatically, it also retains the heat for a long time due to the cover that comes with the hot tub.

Technical details of the Intex PureSpa:

  1. The most spacious hot tub for 2 people.
  2. 170 powerful bubble jets.
  3. Multicoloured LED light.
  4. Build-in inflation system.
  5. Includes a cover.
  6. 2 headrests.
  7. 2 filter cartridges.
  8. Has a built-in hard water treatment system.
  9. Floating chlorine dispenser.
  10. Test strips.
  11. Carry bag.
  12. Compact storage.
  13. Heats water up to 104°F.
  14. Water capacity of 290 gals.

Buyer’s comments on the Intex PureSpa

I bought this for myself and my wife. It fits us perfectly. We’ve got plenty of room to soak comfortably.It takes a while to heat up at a rate of around 1.5 degrees per hour. However, once the spa is heated, it maintains a constant temperature.
The bubbles are pleasant. The water cools slightly when the bubbles are on; however, it is not cold to the point where you have to get out of the tub. I use it almost every night and recommend it. Since there are no seats in this hot tub, short heightened people may struggle to get in. We recommend spa chairs chairs.
It exceeds my expectations. It provides me with a great way to relax after a long day of gardening. It is also simple to set up, considering that I am a 67-year old woman. I set it up myself in under 30 minutes. Each part of the tub was light and easy enough for me to handle.
I placed an order for this tub as I knew that we would need some entertainment during the COVID-19 lockdown months. The hot tub is splendid. There are lots of bubbles, colour-changing lights, and the temperature stays hot.
This spa hot tub is part of our daily relaxation routine. It’s perfect for our tired and sore muscles. The water temp retains the heat at 103-104 degrees in October for us to enjoy our own private spa experience (NJ climate). It has strong bubbles, just like that of a real spa. Colour-changing lights are a bonus.

Q&A about Intex PureSpa (answered by real users)

Q: How is the durability of the material it is made of?
A: I own $200,000 worth of child bounce houses, and I can tell you that this hot tub’s material is much stronger and thicker. It is also heat-sealed and offers great durability.

Q: What is the warranty?
A: It comes with a 1 Year Manufacturers Direct Warranty.

Q: Are the pillows included?
A: Yes, 2 inflatable pillows are included. 

Q: How long does it take to heat the water?
A: It all depends on the outside temperature and water temperature. It took 2 days to fill the tub when I did it the first time (December in Southern California).  When I drained and refilled the tub after 3 months (per recommendations), it took me around 30 hours (March).

Q: Do chemicals come with it? If not, what do I need?
A: Chemicals are not provided. You get several test strips and a float ball for chlorine tabs. You will need to buy a starter kit that includes everything that you may need. 

Q: Does the pump come with it to inflate it?
A: The presence of a hot tub pump inflates the tub through a hose that is present in the kit. No additional pump is required.

4. Bestway SaluSpa Miami

The most durable inflatable hot tub

One of the biggest concerns that customers have is that inflatable hot tubs will not last long, and some leaks will appear, etc. But with the Bestway SaluSpa Miami, you will not need to worry about such concerns. It will serve you 3-4 seasons without any leaks provided that it is taken care of.

The walls of the hot tub are made of Tritech material that will increase the hot tub’s longevity, and it is also UV-resistant. The material eliminates another common concern with inflatable hot tub tubs — loss of shape. No matter how many times you will inflate and deflate the hot tub, it will effectively retain its shape.

Our research showed that this hot tub has gained a lot of positive feedback on the following points:

  • Hot tub owners like its size and comfort. It has a lot of space for 2 people and has enough legroom for 2 adults.
  • Energy-efficient. It’s the only inflatable hot tub that has a power-saving timer that can automate the spa’s temperature for up to 72 hours.
  • Retains heat. The cover included contributes to heat conservation.
  • Easy to set up because of a pump that will inflate the hot tub and will regulate the filtration system while using.

Technical details of the Bestway SaluSpa Miami:

  1. Perfectly fits 2 adults.
  2. Round shape.
  3. No tools are required for installation.
  4. Easy to inflate with the spa’s pump.
  5. Has 120 bubble jets that will provide a relaxing massage at the end of an exhausting day.
  6. Includes a power-saving timer to save your money on heating.
  7. Chemical floater.
  8. 2 filter cartridges.
  9. Includes hot tub cover.
  10. Has lift handles for easy transportation.
  11. Compact storage.
  12. Heats water up to 104°F.
  13. Water capacity of 177 gals.

Buyer’s comments on the BestWay Saluspa Miami

It is of a good large size, bigger than I expected and it can easily fit 2 people. I would suggest that only 3 people sit in this hot tub as any more than 3 would mean compromising on leg space. The heater requires 110 house voltage which means that it heats the water slowly as compared to a bigger tub. No problem. You can set the heater to a temperature of 104, wait a day and you’re ready to go.
The bottom of the tub is comfortable to sit on as it is padded. When seated, my shoulders are just below the water. There is also a pillow and drink holder, and I recommend buying them both. The air bubbles are loud when turned on; however, it’s not a major issue.
The tub was so simple to set up. It had no leaks and everything worked smoothly. I was delighted. Balancing the water with chemicals was also easy.Unfortunately, the hot tub does not come with multicolor LED lights, but that’s not an issue.
The assembly was a piece of cake. I used the blower as an inflator and it worked wonders. Once inflated, it can easily be moved around. Think of it as a mini version of an Intex pool, made of the same durable materials and bromine safe.
If you consider the cost of the least expensive fiberglass tub at $3000, you could purchase a new one of these tubs every year and still save money. When taken care of, I expect this to last a few years. I am delighted with our bargain.
I bought this tub in March 2019. It only took an hour to install, around 15 minutes to assemble, and 30-45 mins to fill up with water.

Q&A about the BestWay Saluspa Miami (answered by real users)

Q: How long does the unit take to heat from the start to 104 degrees?
A: It took me about 28-30 hours to get the spa to heat to 104 degrees. That’s with a surrounding temperature of 45-50F degrees. Considering the water was around 54F degrees to start with, it took around 1-2 degrees to heat per hour.

Q: Does it come with a cover?
A: Yes, it comes with a cover. Great spa!

Q: What does it come with? Does it have additional accessories?
A: Yes, along with the spa itself, you will also receive a chemicals floater, a pump, and two filters.

Q: Does it have underwater lights?
A: No, but it is a convenient little hot tub and worth every cent.

Q: Is there a headrest or drink holder compatible with this tub?
A: Yes, and you should order the drink holder and headrest separately.

Q: Does it have seats?
A: No seats and floor seating only; however, it is still very comfortable.

Q: Are the jets effective?
A: Yes, as long as you keep the filter clean, the jets will work very well.  They provide a strong bubbling massage.

5. QCA Spas Sicily

What did the research show?

We compared hot tubs against each other by more than 20 characteristics, and this one is an indisputable winner in 8 of them, and on the rest, it ranks 2nd or 3rd.

Simplified Version of the Research Results
Only the 12 most popular models  on the Canadian marke and criteria are displayed

Customers give it the highest rating of 4.46 out of 5.  It’s also 20% cheaper than an average 2-person hot tub. As for the cons, this model doesn’t include stairs, so you’d need to purchase them separately. Also, its visual design is rather average, although the tub is sturdy and well-built.

This hot tub is an absolute winner on these points:

  • The roomiest one – you will never feel cramped for space even if you’re tall
  • The most powerful jets – 1.5 horsepower pump make sure you get a strong body massage, and there’s a lot of jets for that:
    • 2 jets for mid-back
    • 10 jets for upper back
    • 2 jets for lower back
    • 2 adjustable vortex jets for your feet
  • Heats up fast – there’s 1 kW heater included
  • The easiest hot tub to set up
  • The most Solid construction, perfectly built, stable and thick shell
  • Energy-efficient – due to full foam insulation and a cover that keeps that heat
  • LED lights with different colours to enhance your soothing experience

Technical details of QCA Spas Sirius:

  • Ozone-Ready (you can install an Ozonator)
  • This hot tub utilizes an Econo-Boost heat recovery system
  • Oval-shaped 
  • Perfect size for 2 persons
  • Plug & Play  feature – meaning easy installation
  • No plumbing required – Works with even from a garden hose 
  • Works with any 120 volt/15 amp outlet
  • Quiet operation
  • Available in silver marble colour 
  • Durable, sleek and stylish
  • Cabinet made of synthetic wood panels with a grey-coloured finish 
  • The panels are reversible
  • Includes a hardcover 
  • Lucite-Xtra Acrylic and shell 
  • 16 jets target gentle, soothing massage
  • 1 KW heater will heat water to temperature up to 104°F 
  • 16 water Jets
    • Mid back pressure jets 2
    • Upper back pressure jets 10
    • Lower back adjustable vortex jets 2
    • Adjustable vortex foot jets 2 Exceeds the California Energy Compliance mandate.
  • Air Flow Control System
  • Built-in filter and inline chemical feeder
  • 1.5 HP Continuous Duty Pump
  • 15′ GFCI protected cord included
  • Water capacity: 190 U.S. gallons
  • Would work both indoor and outdoor
  • Dimensions: 91 L x 42 W x 29
  • Weight: 214 pounds

Warning: this exact model is also known as Sicily, Cordoba, Model 0H SM Sirius, Silver Star. Not to be confused with a less powerful “Dream Star” which doesn’t have a heater.

Note that this model is rarely in stock. If you stumble upon one – you’re lucky.

Buyer’s comments on QCA Spas Sicily

This model has the perfect size for 2 people. Neither is too big to take up too much, nor is it small that a 6 feet tall person won’t fit in or even recline easily.No more than 2 people can fit in. There is less overall water volume so the level goes up and down a lot.
It takes hardly 4 hours to heat up to 104 degrees which is quite good.The owners manual is difficult to understand and it takes time to check out all the features.
The external dimensions are just right if you have tight space. Externally takes 91” x 42” of space. So if you need a 2-person tub in a tight space, this hot tub is for you.The electric power cord length is short, only about 12 feet. Plus the front panel is difficult to open.
The construction of this hot tub seems solid and well-engineered.Customer service needs to improve as it is slow to respond to queries.
The buttons on the control panel are few and simple to use. It is a Plug-and-Play model.The interior plastic shell is quite smooth still if you are not careful you might scratch your back.
The best things are the 16 powerful jets which really give a good massage for a hot tub of this size.
A cover is provided with the tub. It looks quite sturdy and is provided with straps which snap in place to provide a good protection The cover that came with our spa is quite thick.
It has a very competitive price and with free shipping, no sales tax its a great deal. At this price, it is the best hot tub on the market.

Q&A about QCA Spas Sicily (answered by real users)

Q: Does it come pre-built or is some assembly required for installation? 
The hot tub comes pre-built, but you have to tighten the jets, purge the pumps of any air, install the cover, which is easy to fill it with water, connect to a power outlet and turn it on to heat the water.

Q: What are the power requirements of this hot tub?
A: This hot tub will run on any normal 120 AC house current power outlet.

Q: Is a drain included with the hot tub?
A: Yes, a  water drain is supplied with the hot tub. 

Q:  Does it have an Ozonator?
A: An Ozonoator is not supplied with the hot tub, however, it can be purchased separately. 

Q: How long does it take for this hot tub to fill with water and drain it?
A: To fill it with the normal hose, it takes less than an hour and to drain it with gravity through the drainpipe around two hours. 

Q: How much sound does this hot tub makes when it is in operating?
A: Since it has motors and pumps, it is rather noisier than a fridge, but still it is not loud enough that it will disturb you a lot. But when you are in the tub and the jets are running then it is certainly noisier — still, you can have a normal conversation with your partner.

Q: Are any chemicals supplied with the hot tub?
A: No.  All the chemicals you need to keep the tub clean and sanitize, you have to buy separately. 

Q: Can this hot tub be used with salt water?
A: Sure you can add salt to the water in recommended quantities. However please note that any salt increases the corrosion rate, so try to avoid it. For sanitizing use the recommended products. 

Q: Can a tall person over 6 feet recline in this hot tub?
A: Yes, a tall person can fully recline in this model. 

Q: Are footsteps included with this spa?
A: No. But you can buy matching steps at extra cost.

Q: How long does it take to heat the water for use?
A: It takes about 24 hours to fully heat the water. You need to do it only once, and then the hot tub stays hot as long as it stays powered on.

Q: Can this unit be placed indoors?
A: Yes, it can be placed indoors, but please ensure there is sufficient ventilation and consult with your Homeowners Association to ensure the building can support its weight.

Q: Does this hot tub come with a free cover?
A: Yes, the cover supplied with this model.

6. SaluSpa Siena AirJet

Best small and affordable inflatable hot tub.

When it comes to inflatable hot tubs nothing comes close to SaluSpa Siena Inflatable Hot Tub by Bestway®. It has the best combination of convenience, features, durability, and price. 

It has plenty of space for you and your companion for a romantic experience. This hot tub will provide you with warm soothing temperatures, massage jets, comfortable seating and allow for compact storage when not in use. And did we mention the price? Well, you have to find it yourself to get surprised.

What did the research show?

There are not many Inflatable 2-person hot tubs available on the Canadian market and the choice is limited. This inflatable hot tub is light and can easily be moved and when not in use it can be deflated and stored easily in a compact space. Buyers worry that inflatable hot tub might puncture, leak air and may not long. Leaks occur rarely, but a leak is easy to fix with the leak-fix kit, provided and they can last for years. For their low cost, they make a perfect purchase. SaluSpa Siena AirJet is the most spacious and best among them. It is often out of stock though as it is manufactured in limited quantities.

SaluSpa Siena AirJet is an absolute winner on these points:

1. Buyer’s appreciated the size and capacity of this hot tub
2. It is very nicely shaped to allow good space for 2 persons with plenty of legroom
3. Inflatable hot tubs have to be set up, filled with air and then water. This one has graphic instructions along with a DVD to make its setup a breeze
4. It is quite energy efficient, saves on your electricity bill
5. It is quick to heat up and conserves energy quite well
6. It is made of strong material but in case there is an air leak a repair kit is provided by the vendor, so that you do the repair work yourself, without taking it back to the vendor
7. Finally the best thing about this hot tub that’s in spite of all the features it costs under $1000, which is a bargain.

Here are the technical details of SaluSpa Siena AirJet: 

1. Perfect for soaking sore muscles, unwinding after work, or a luxurious and romantic treat for you and your companion partner to enjoy together
2. Unique seating for two
3. It will look perfect on wooden decking or on the lawn. 
4. Simple to set up either indoors or outdoors within minutes
5. Requires no tools or professional installation 
6. Conveniently and quickly inflates using the spa’s pump 
7. Soothing 104 Degree F water temperature,
8. The spa’s inflated walls are made of Tritech™ material, providing the ultimate in comfort and durability.
9.  120 all-surrounding “bubble jets”
10. Two handles allow the users to go in and out of the spa safely
11. An automatic start & stop timer
12. An insulated inflatable top cover 
13. Beverage table
14. Pressure gauge 
15. Chemical floater 
16. 2 easy-to-replace filter cartridges for clean refreshing spa water 
17. Affordable price
18. Set-up and maintenance guide DVD
19. Compact storage 

Buyer’s comments on SaluSpa Siena AirJet

This is a top-notch inflatable hot tub for two people. If you want lots of fun and recreation this is the hot tub to go for.Since this is an inflatable hot tub when the temperature falls below 40 degrees F or colder it should be stowed away according to storage instructions.
This hot tub takes little space and is very comfortable to lounge in. With good temperature control, I can set the temperature what I really like so easily.Since this is an inflatable tub, there is always a chance of a leak and it did leak after 6 months of use. Luckily they provided a repair kit, so i could fix the leak easily.
This inflatable hot tub was so easy to set up. I did it in just 10 minutes. Two people can easily enjoy a hot bath. Even a tall person like me can stretch out fully in it. It was perfect for me and my wife. The air bubbles are so much fun. The best purchase decision we ever made.I like this hot tub but in cold weather it was difficult for it to maintain the desired 104 degrees F. Maybe I am doing something wrong or there is a problem with this tub.
This is my first hot tub and I love this one. Lots of room to stretch out and relax while the water jets soothe achy muscles. Highly recommended.I needed a spare part. the Customer service did send it free but I had to pay the shipping cost. It should have been free shipping too.
I want my hot tub to be very clean and for that, the filters must work perfectly. Luckily the filtering system with this hot tub works very well-but the filters get used so quickly so buy extras.
The setup was quick and easy. It is a great hot tub for two. Although the instructions could be improved, I figured out how to do it easily. Everything works fine.
This hot tub has an oblong shape which is perfect for our porch. It looks great and works great. We are happy with our purchase.

Q&A about SaluSpa Siena AirJet (answered by real users)

Q: What is the seating made of? Is it comfortable for extended periods?
A: Each end is made of thicker material, so it is quite comfortable and easy to sit on. I have been using this hot tub for 2 months now and I am loving it. 

Q: Is there a garden hose adaptor for draining the spa?
A: Yes. An adapter is provided. You will have to unscrew the drain plug on the inside in order to drain the hot tub. It will take about an hour or so to completely drain out through a 100 feet hose.

Q: How deep is it?
A: It is about  2.5 to 3 feet deep. I am quite a big guy and I can submerge myself into it.

Q: What is the warranty on this hot tub?
A: You can extend the warranty for the spa liner & the cover from 6 months to 12 months, the heater & pump from 12 months to 18 months.

Q: Does it require a separate power circuit?
A: The hot tub runs on a normal house current of 120 VAC. It draws 11.5 amps when the heating element is on. It is recommended that you do not load this circuit with any other heavy electrical equipment. But a couple of lamps won’t hurt. 

Q: Can I use an extension cord?
A: Yes you can use an extension cord which meets the manufacturer’s specifications. It is a heavy-duty one. The only issue is that using an extension cord voids the warranty.

Q: What do you sit on? 
A: This hot tub has a soft bottom. It also has seats made of harder material so it is quite comfortable. 

Q: How long does it take to fill and empty this hot tub.?
A: It took me about 35 minutes to fill it and about an hour to drain it.

Q: Does this tub have actual jets or just bubbles?
A: This hot tub produces air bubbles. There is a tube that runs around the bottom perimeter that has several holes in it and warm air bubbles through them. It gives quite a nice feeling.

Q: Can you lay down in it?
A: I am  6 feet tall and I can float in the hot tub. If I am alone, I have some room to spare. There is enough space for two people can sprawl easily. You can’t lay down, because the water is too deep unless you fill it less than up to the brim.  

Q: Can it be used and heated without turning on the air jets?
A: Yes, it can be heated without the air jets.

Q: How do you inflate the bottom?
A: The bottom is soft-cushioned, made of dense foam. Each end has a comfortable seat, so you can sit at one of them and use the other one as a footrest to keep from sliding down too far.

Q: Can the pump be placed a few feet away or does it have to be right at the side of the tub?
A: It is designed to sit right next to the tub.

Q: Can 4 adults fit comfortably in this hot tub?
A: This tub is designed for 2 persons. If you want to cozy up then, four adults can sit in this tub. But obviously, it will be very crowded. 

Q: Is the pump/filter very quiet? I live in an apartment complex so is noise an issue?
A: The pump does make some noise. It is just like operating a small vacuum cleaner. The bubbles make their sound, but it is all reasonably quiet. Your neighbours won’t be disturbed by it.  

Q: The tub is 58” wide and how much space do you need for the pump?
A: The pump attaches to the widest part of the spa — just in the middle part. So you will need at least 68” of width to fit the tub and the pump.

Q: What is the maximum number of amps this hot tub uses? Could I use a goal zero portable 12v generators to power it?
A: The unit requires 12 amps and 110 volts AC. If your generator can provide this much power then you can use it.

Q: Can I use something other than Chlorine in this hot tub for sanitizing it?
A: No. The manufacturers recommend only chlorine tablets keep it from getting dirty. 

Full list of criteria we used to rank the 2-person spas

1. Roomy so that it is large enough for 2 people even if tall, with enough legroom for both.
2. Thick material which is strong and provides a stable base. Stable on the floor with an excellent build quality and good insulation all around.
3. Easy and quick set up is an important consideration for the buyers. Clear documentation explaining the setup is equally important.
4. It has good insulation so that it stays warm for a long period of time. This makes it use less electricity and is economical to operate.
5. It has power jets that move the air and water powerfully to prove a rapid massage action.
6. It has a sufficiently powerful heater so that the water heats up quickly and stays warm while soaking.
7. It must be comfortable to sit in with good contouring and soft headrests.
8. It has an insulated cover to conserve the heat when it is not in use.
9. A good and reliable pump which does not leak and generates sufficient water pressure.
10. Not prone to leaking either air or water
11. Easy instructions are provided with the tub in clear readable English.
12. Good after-sales customer service. The vendor is ready to solve any problems that may arise during installation or use.
13. Long-term warranty and easy return policy.
14. No need for special wiring.
15. Quiet operation.
16. Good looking, nice well designed aesthetically.
17. Saves energy by using less electrical energy
18. Includes a waterfall that works nicely.
19. LED lights that look good preferably multicoloured.
20. Box for storage of small spare parts and tools.

Points that are specific to the inflatable hot tubs only:

  • The body does not get punctured easily.
  • The pump should be of high quality that blow air efficiently without any leaks.
  • It should be easy and fast to inflate (it should have an automatic pump to inflate it)
  • Easy to drain water with good drain pipes and sturdy hoses.
  • It could be cleaned easily and quickly without any hassle.
  • Box for storage of the whole Hot Tub when deflated.
  • Good-sized cup holders.
  • There should be no resin smell.

Points those are specific for portable hot tubs only:

  • The weight in the empty state should be low.
  • The number of jet nozzles should of optimum

How did each of the hot tubs fare in our review— points that you should care about:

We noticed that different Canadian buyers have different preferences when it comes to selecting a hot tub. So we evaluated various hot tubs against the characteristics that were discovered by our research team.

  • Value/price QCA Spas Sicily and AquaRest Spas – Premium 300, both are exceptionally well priced, as compared to other hot tubs. In fact, both models are priced at least 30% below the average market price of other hot tubs.
  • Roomy and comfortable to sit in is an important feature that buyers look at. QCA Spas Sicily is a total winner in this area. And almost every 3rd customer pointed this feature out.
  • Easiest setup and use – again QCA Spas Sicily was a total winner.
  • Luxury looks and design aesthetics are very important features and – AquaRest Spas – Premium 300  – with its unique triangular form with sexy curves beat everything else on the market. One buyer remarked that it looks more like a sports car than a hot tub.
  • Energy-saving category – AquaRest Spas – Premium 300 wins again. Your electricity bill will not go over $10-$20 bucks if the temperatures are above 50*F.
  • Thick, reliable constructionAquaRest Spas – Premium 300 – beats every other hot tub.
  • Easy to move around – well obviously the inflatables are light and Bestway SaluSpa Siena AirJet is the lighter one among the two we evaluated.
  • Works well in low temperatures & winter – the winner is AquaRest Spas – Premium 300 – which reportedly work well even in Canadian winters. And that’s cold.
  • Investment in your house valueAquaRest Spas – Premium 300 is such a good-looking and high-quality hot tub that its value depreciates very slowly and it increases the face value of your house and will seduce the buyers because of its luxury looks.
  • Money Saver’s choice – is the inflatable Bestway SaluSpa Siena AirJet – which is the most affordable option available in his survey. You can u experience a hot tub, of a decent quality at a very low price. The only risk is that it might get punctured and loses the air since it is an inflatable hot tub. However, there is a repair kit provided with this model.

General FAQ about Hot Tubs

Q. Inflatable vs. Portable, which is better?

A. Whenever you think of buying a hot tub you will encounter a debate between whether to choose a portable hot tub or go for an inflatable one.

The advantages of portable (non-inflatable) hot tubs are:

1. more reliable
2. luxury looks
3. no big drop in value over time
4. increases the price of your house
5. more comfortable
6. usually better air and water pumps, more powerful jets
7. mostly made of high-quality material
8. good build
9. stable

Portable hot tubs, however, are more expensive and heavier to move.

The current models of inflatable hot tubs are made with strong material and provide almost all the luxuries provided by the portable hot tubs. Not only inflatable hot tubs match in features but have certain other advantages:

1. such as easy setup
2. softer
3. light-weight to transport
4. compact storage when not in use
5. durable
6. low cost

Which one to choose? According to research by Peter Rossi team, portable hot tubs are clear winners over inflatables if you have the budget for them. When it comes to price, inflatable hot tubs are better options. But if you are tight on the budget then inflatable hot tub will not disappoint you. Go for it.

Q. What are Salt water hot tubs?

A. You can use salt water in your hot tub for additional medicinal benefits plus it acts as spa sanitizer. You have to check with the hot tub manufacturer to see if your hot tub is capable of salt water system. It is not just that you add salt to water but have to install salt water chlorine generator. This device converts some of the salt into chlorine which has an anti-bacterial property. Once you install this system you won’t need to add any other chemical to sanitize the hot tub.

The amount of salt added is very small, about 2,500 ppm.  In comparison, sea-water has about 35,000 ppm of salt. The quantity is so small that will not be able to taste the salt in the water.

Q. Can I put a hot tub on my deck or balcony?

A. Yes, but you have to check the loading capacity of the floor where you are going to place the hot tub. If the loading capacity is sufficient to take the total weight then surely you can put them in a balcony or deck. Consult with your homeowners association.

Where to buy in Canada

The best place to buy is, which is the biggest online retailer and totals up to 47% of all retail e-commerce sales.

It’s no wonder that buying through Amazon has so many unique advantages:

1. Higher chance of getting a newly made model (because the turnover is so high)
2. Amazon’s  A-to-Z guarantee ensures the perfect condition of the item and its timely delivery
3. Amazon has its own problem resolution center that acts in the customer’s best interest
4. Free shipping on numerous items (even more for Prime account users)

On top of that, Amazon has a very strict terms for manufacturers, among all other major stores, when it comes to quality and customer service. Sellers that cannot provide excellent quality and customer service do not stay on Amazon for long.

Should you buy directly from the factory?

We do not recommend it. Most hot tub manufacturers are located in China (including some of the ones we reviewed above). Their products are great, no doubt – American-made hot tubs in this category fared quite poorly, so we didn’t include them in the review. Unfortunately, customer service isn’t their thing.

More than half of the users who encountered problems mentioned that they were not able to solve their issues with customer support. What is the reason? Chinese manufacturers are headquartered overseas and have only a call center in the Canada (or a Canada number and a call center abroad). The call center operations have very limited powers to solve your problem. They lack competence too (not more than, say, your neighbour will have). Often they are not even directly in touch with the manufacturer. Should you encounter a problem with your hot tub, you will likely get stuck on the calls that achieve nothing.

In contrast, if you purchase through Amazon, you can count on their customer service and dispute resolution center. If something goes wrong, you may use A-to-Z guarantee to get a replacement or a full refund.

What about physical store dealerships in Canada?

Even though physical stores used to be more convenient, now they are good only to see and try the product, and then buy online.

First of all, a store has high overhead costs such as rent, salary of staff, and taxes – and all this is embedded into the price that you pay. 

Second, Amazon has an A-to-Z Guarantee that ensures the quality and delivery of the item, and a dispute resolution center that is on the customer side, which may not always be the case with a physical dealership.

Third, how will you tell a freshly-made hot tub from an outdated model variation, or from a hot tub that has been returned by someone? You are at risk unless you absolutely trust the dealer.

2-Person Hot Tub Price

A decent portable hot tub for two persons will cost $2500 – $3500, and there are only two models worth buying. A new inflatable hot tub will cost just above $1000, while you can find a used model for around $700.

When is the best time to buy?

If you are in the market to buy a Hot Tub this is the best time to buy it is simply now.

The best hot tubs do not remain in the inventory of sellers for a long time. So if you find one you like on Amazon, and it is in stock go ahead and buy it.

Some of the reasons that our team found out after talking to the sellers and manufacturers are the following:

1. The trade issues with China will likely impact prices and availability of hot tubs. Even if your hot tub is assembled within the USA, chances are that many of its components are imported from China. So there is a chance of unavailability and price increase.

2. A hot tub in the house adds value to your house. If you are planning to sell your house, then the house with a hot tub installed will fetch a much better price. It is an investment.

3. Sure you can buy a hot tub tomorrow,  or next month or next year – but why miss the fun. No one of users we interviewed regrets having a jacuzzi, nor did we find a single regretful review online. Its healthy fun and if you have someone to share it then the pleasure increases exponentially. This investment is worth every dime!

4. You can cash out any time. Hot tubs are bought and sold in increasing numbers mainly on Yes, the price decreases as the tub get older, but it will retain around 70% of its value even after a year of use.


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  • The National Safety Council (NSC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, service organization promoting health and safety in the United States of America.
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  • 4775 Granby Circle, Colorado Springs, CO 80919-3131
  • Home Owner’s Association, USA


👫 What is the best hot tub for 2 persons in Canada?

We have highlighted the 3 best hot tubs for 2 persons in our article. The QCA Spas Sicily, the AquaRest Spas 300 Premium, and the SaluSpa Siena AirJet make it to the top of the list. They lead in different categories, and you can read complete reviews of them in our article.

🥇 What is the best inflatable hot tub for 2 persons?

As our research has shown, the best inflatable hot tub for 2 persons is the SaluSpa Siena AirJet. You can find more details about what makes this hot tub the best in our article.

🤔 How big is a 2 persons hot tub?

It depends on the model of the hot tub. The typical height is 29” – 35” and length is 5’4” – 7”. In our article, we have reviewed the hot tubs in terms of their size and other important criteria such as power, and comfort.

🔍 What to look for in a 2 persons hot tub?

The factors that people think are important are often not significant in the long run. The factors that matter include the kind of jets, quality of the hot tub, a powerful heater, and clear instructions, etc.

❓ What hot tubs for 2 persons have jets?

Most of the hot tubs for 2 persons have jets, but you should pay attention to the kind of jets. Water jets offer a good massage. In our article, we have reviewed 3 of the best models of hot tubs with real (water) jets.

💲 What is the price of a 2 persons hot tub?

The price of a 2 persons hot tub starts from $1,500 and can reach up to $4,000. Inflatable hot tubs are much cheaper and their price starts at $500.

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