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Hi, I’m Peter Rossi, a professional hot tub designer and founder of ByRossi. After having spent over 10 years designing hot tubs for Jacuzzi Group, I started a private practice. Now I design bespoke hot tubs for high-end apartments. I am based in New York, but my clients are all over the world – from San Francisco to Paris, Dubai, London and Tokyo. One thing I enjoy is writing. Hot tubs manufacturers have always been notorious for pushing cheap, subpar products for crazy prices, making profits on naive first-time buyers. So I consider it my social mission to share my expertise and educate clients on who is who in the industry. Lately, I started to work with other people who help me to develop the business. In particular, a couple of great researchers and veteran journalists help me convert my raw thoughts into beautiful articles which you might enjoy reading on ByRossi. Hope my efforts help.

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