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Best Hot Tubs for One Person on the Canadian Market

One-person hot tubs offer a home spa experience like no other! We’ve carried out research to save you time and provide you with the best ones on the Canadian market.

If you are that happy person who loves having some “me-time” on the weekend, all you need is a one-person hot tub to relax and unwind with a glass of champagne. Already started your search for the best one-person hot tub? This review is for you, as we’ve done all the hard work, and you won’t need to invest in hours of research. 

After conducting extensive research, we have made a list of the best one-person hot tubs and massage bathtubs on the

After conducting extensive research, we have made a list of the best one-person hot tubs and massage bathtubs on the Canadian market. All it will take just 10-minutes of your time to help you pick the right hot tub for your needs. 

market. All it will take just 10-minutes of your time to help you pick the right hot tub for your needs. 

Although there are plenty of bathtubs with jets and heaters, there aren’t many options for one-person hot tubs — there’s just one model currently available. You can consider buying a 2-person hot tub or a small inflatable hot tub instead — you might even get double the value for your money.

Coleman SaluSpa Havana

Price range: $

Best Inflatable Hot Tub

Hudson Bay Spas

Price range: $$$

Best 1-Person Hot Tub

The best hot tubs are rarely in stock

The demand for hot tubs has significantly increased since the COVID-19 crisis. Therefore, the best models are rarely available as they tend to go out of stock the same day that they become available. If you look for “hot tub for 1 person” on different marketplaces (Amazon, eBay, Wayfair, etc.), you will see that only ALEKO hot tubs are available. However, as our tests show, ALEKO is one of the worst hot tub brands on the market.  If you have already decided which model to buy, it is better to subscribe to in-stock notifications below. We’re directly in touch with the manufacturers and we will inform you a couple of days before your chosen hot tub is restocked. Here’s also why we recommend buying from Amazon.

How this research was conducted

Several experts are working simultaneously on each analytical material in our company. We conduct desk and field studies and constantly update data to provide you with objective and comprehensive information on each aspect.

Work on this article was carried out in 6 stages. We:

  1. Analyzed 56 models of hot tubs and bathtubs available on the Canadian market;
  2. Studied over 1640 customer reviews;
  3. Interviewed 3 service engineers;
  4. Interviewed 0 sales people and brands;
  5. Interviewed 19 owners of the hot tubs and bathtubs we reviewed;
  6. Soaked in the tubs we could get our hands-on.

And here is what makes our research better than any that you’ll find online, at the time of writing:

  • We conducted an unbiased review, we are not sponsored by brands and therefore we provide you with a neutral and honest opinion of each hot tub.
  • We talked to real long-term owners of these hot tubs and soaked in the best models ourselves.
  • We started from scratch, while most of the “best hot tub” ratings just regurgitate the information from sellers’ websites or researches like this one.

 Be careful
We found that some unscrupulous companies (due to the shortage of one-person hot tubs in the market) are trying to sell ordinary bathtubs under the guise of hot tubs. We listed a few one-person bathtubs as alternatives, we marked them before describing in detail, so no “unpleasant surprises”.

As a result of our thorough research, we found several models from which you can pick the right (most suitable) one for you. 

One champion + some alternatives

The undisputed leader after a detailed study was a one-person hot tub from Home & Garden Spas. Alternatively, there are many jetted bathtubs on the Canadian market. The principle of operation is, as in a normal bath — to install it in the bathroom and bathe as you would generally do but with the added perks of a relaxing water\air bubble massage that can be accompanied by aromatherapy and chromotherapy.

To understand the specifics of each model, let’s compare them all in all aspects. Below you will find a table with all the rankings for each of the most important parameters.

Why is it the best?
Coleman SaluSpa HavanaColeman SaluSpa Havana🗸 The most affordable hot tub;
🗸 The most portable;
🗸 The roomiest inflatable hot tub.
Hudson Bay Spas hot tubHudson Bay Spas hot tub🗸 The roomiest hot tub for 1 person;
🗸 The most powerful water jets;
🗸 The most reliable construction;
🗸 The quickest heat up.
ARIEL Platinum jetted bathtub🗸 Comfortable to sit in;
🗸 Powerful water jets;
🗸 The easiest to clean;
🗸 Attractive design.
SDI Factory DirectSDI Factory Direct🗸 Reliable construction;
🗸 A lot of space for legs;
🗸 Plenty of extra perks (pillow, LED lights, built-in sound system, remote control).

The overall ranking of the top model and alternatives

Out of the 56 models we analyzed, we discarded the other 48 models as they are either discontinued or lacked any positive feedback.

How did we rank them?

After speaking with long-term owners, maintenance engineers, and analyzing over 1640 reviews, we refined the five criteria that are most important for a customer in a one-person hot tub.

Ranked one-person hot tub Evaluation Criteria
Byrossi® analysis methodology

In addition to identifying the most important criteria, we also studied the recommendations of technicians in detail, analyzed product specifications, and conducted in-depth interviews with users.

Detailed criteria-based comparison 

Physical characteristics analysis included:

  • Roominess & Size. Yes, it’s just for one person, but still should be spacious and comfortable; it’s a luxury item that shows your status after all.
    At the same time, the hot tub should be compact enough, so it doesn’t take up much space and can be conveniently placed in the house.
ModelProduct dimensionsCustomer’s rate
L x W x HCapacity, gallons
Coleman SaluSpa HavanaColeman SaluSpa Havana
71" L x 71 W x 26" H177“I'm using it as a mini pool”
Hudson Bay Spas hot tubHudson Bay Spas hot tub
80" L x 35" W x 30" H150“Great size”
ARIEL Platinum jetted bathtub
71" L x 37.4" W x 27.50" H60“Big & Deep Tub”
SDI Factory DirectSDI Factory Direct
60.25" L x 33.5" W x 26.77" H80“Roomy tub with enough leg space”

Roominess & Size rating according to producer specification and reviews from long-term customers 

  • Pump and jets. The number of jets doesn’t matter — 5 jets can be enough with a powerful pump. If you want to enjoy a deep massage, a 1.5 HP (horsepower) pump is the bare minimum.
    The best option is a combination of air and water jets. They massage with different strengths and give more comprehensive healing and a relaxing effect on the body.
ModelJets (number, type)Feels\Customer’s opinion\Customer’s rate
Coleman SaluSpa Havana170 air“Jets feel like you’re getting a strong message”
Hudson Bay Spas hot tub19 water“Had plenty of pressure to give a good massage”
ARIEL Platinum jetted bathtub14 water“Jets are luxurious and create the feeling of soaking in a tub”
SDI Factory Direct17 air“Jets soothe achy muscles”

Jets type & power rating according to producer specification and reviews from long-term customers 

  • Easy setup, easy cleaning. Placing a hot tub is really tricky, but there is nothing difficult about it if you are well prepared. Read our end-end guide on How to Pick and Prepare a Place for a Hot Tub to avoid any inconvenience and extra installation expenses. Soaking is hardly a leisurely activity if you have to follow complicated cleaning routines twice a week.
    Any bathtub or hot tub requires minimal effort to keep it clean. If this is your first time buying a hot tub, read the Drain & Cleaning Guide and you will realize that it is no more difficult to maintain than a kitchen sink.
  • Build quality. Of course, the hot tub should be durable, made of wear-resistant materials. Your purchase should last you at least a few years.
  • Fast heating, keeping warm. A small hot tub should quickly heat up and give the opportunity to relax in it for the whole evening.

Winner, in details

Top 1-person hot tub, a more luxurious option

…my own little “Self Isolation, Personal Distancing Retreat…

– Steve, BC

Hudson Bay Spas

1-Person Hot Tub

Model: Home and Garden Spas LPI13CAN
Price range: $$$

We highly recommend this tub as the unquestionable winner of our article.

🤔 Why so?

This jacuzzi is a winner at the same time in the three most important parameters – it is quite roomy, easy to set up and it has 19 powerful well placed, truly therapeutic water jets.

When it showed up I was simply blown away. As a Veteran with some physical issues. I needed a therapeutic tub, I had been looking for some time then found this model. (Single person 19 jets) sounded too good to be true. I’m 6’1” and can completely stretch out and even float. The numerous jets soothe my discomfort from my neck to my feet. My issues keep me from regular sleep and when I’m awake most nights before midnight I’ll head out, remove the cover, and let my tub ease my pain. Either stare up at the stars or allow the calming soothing lights to enhance my relaxation.

– Randall Wayne, CA

Easy setup. The jets are perfectly placed. I was a little worried about how powerful they would be since for now I am using the 110 wiring but they’re definitely powerful! A great therapeutic hot tub for anyone with neck or back issues. an added bonus: the hot tub was delivered much sooner than expected!”

– Cheryllee, FL

🔥 Other benefits of the model +2 extra points

In addition, it was this model among the 56 that we analyzed that received the highest rating in terms of compactness, i.e. it does not need much space.

I thought it would help with my back, but because of my back, I rarely use it. But when I do, I like it a lot. The seat is deep so I tend to float unless I lean forward a little. I did not have a lot of room on my deck (and I really wanted the 3-person version) but my electric panel was full so a 220V version would require an additional breaker box costing over $1000 so I settled for this BECAUSE it operates well on 110. I had to use a short extension cord, but it has operated well for about 10 months and I did not notice but about $10 a month in energy cost. So if you have to have a 110V system, or just want a small space saver tub, THIS WILL WORK WELL FOR YOU.

– Scott, TX

Hudson Bay Spas 1-Person Hot Tub

Also, users rated it as one that heats up faster than our other analyzed models.

Although the model is delivered as a fully assembled unit, it has an electrical cord inside the cabinet that you will need to take out. You can take out the cord by removing a side panel by the headrest. Remember to keep the panel off until you have filled the unit with water and have tested it for leaks. The cord will run under the panel once it’s put back on. In just 6 hours, my unit was at a temperature of 105 degrees! Not only does it look fabulous but it feels even better! The only thing I would advise to purchase is a small step ladder or platform that can assist in getting in and out of the tub as it is pretty high. All in all, it is a spectacular buy and highly recommended!

– Kevin Dittman, IN

👉 Things to consider:

  • Be careful and check the size in advance so that you can carry it into the house through the doorway. This model is 33 inches with the base.
  • Hudson hot tubs deliver within 3 weeks, sometimes faster, the timing depends on the region.

I want to buy it. What do I do?

Buying a hot tub is an investment that needs to last you for years. Therefore, we recommend that you protect the hot tub with a good guarantee so that you can have peace of mind.

This model is in demand among buyers, so we have prepared a comprehensive guide for you — Here’s how to buy a 1-person hot tub quickly and without the nerves:

  1. Check Amazon, preferably every day, to have time to decide and purchase the hot tub while it is still available.
  2. Buy sanitizers for the water treatment (we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the End-to-End Care Guide).
  3. Pick a place in the house where you will install the hot tub and where it will be convenient to connect to the electrical outlet and water supply.
  4. Prepare for delivery, get it inside.
  5. Connect it to the pipes — do it yourself or call a plumber.
  6. Fill it with water, switch it on.
  7. Relax 🙂

Other good alternatives that didn’t make it to the top

A cost-effective and portable model

I’m quite satisfied with my ‘starter’ jacuzzi and maybe I’ll postpone buying and installing a permanent one for a year or so..

– Robert, NV

Coleman Inflatable Hot Tub

Model: Coleman Saluspa Havana
Price range: $

More deals

We highly recommend this hot tub for those who are looking for a comfortable, portable hot tub for a low price.

🤔 Why so?

  • A hot tub that you can easily take with you on the go or perfect for a campsite.
  • It is more than 4 times cheaper than Hudson Bay Spas.
  • The most spacious small hot tub (according to 785-plus customer reviews analysis).

This hot tub has received the most positive feedback from regular users since last year. Customers are very pleased with this model. Technical reviews and analytical tests reveal that it has the best combination of convenience, features, durability, and price.

❗ Warning
That is an inflatable hot tub.
This is a light-weighted model, it can easily be moved around and stored away conveniently. It is also easy to deflate when not in use.

In general, inflatable hot tubs may not look so luxurious. They also seem of poor quality, giving the impression that they get damaged and will leak easily.
However, that is not the case. Inflatable hot tubs are durable enough to serve you for years. Users rated this model as stable, quite soft, and comfortable inside.

Coleman SaluSpa Havana Hot Tub is incredibly easy to use. Few inflatable hot tubs on the market have a remote control system and this one has. With the help of remote control, you will be able to adjust the temperature to the comfortable one and control the massage to get the most relaxing.

Because of their low cost, inflatable hot tubs are a perfect purchase. Coleman SaluSpa Havana is the most spacious one and the best among them. It is often out of stock though as it is manufactured in limited quantities.

This is my first time purchasing a hot tub and I am in love with it! It’s very spacious, giving me enough room to stretch my legs and unwind while the water jets provide a soothing massage to my sore muscles. I highly recommend this model.

- Rene' L., TX

An affordable option — a bathtub with powerful water jets

…I bought this tub sight unseen because it was the only freestanding whirlpool tub that didn’t look like something out of “Star Trek”…

- Dave, GA

Warning: this is a bathtub, not a hot tub. You will have to install it in your bathroom. It has a whirlpool massage system (powerful water jets), and in contrast with hot tubs, you can use shampoo in it. Bathtubs are drained after each use, so they don’t require chemicals and water care.

ARIEL Platinum jetted bathtub

Model: ARIEL Platinum jetted bathtub
Price range: $$

We highly recommend this tub for those who want a high-quality bathtub but still require the purchase to be easy on their pocket.

🤔 Why so?

Among the 17 jetted tubs analyzed, this one received the most positive reviews and is the winner in the most important category — roominess. 28% of users said that it is spacious.

31% of buyers who already use this bathtub said that it is equipped with quite comfortable and powerful jets.

In addition, it secures first place in the overall ranking according to the criterion of ease of cleaning. 

This tub has basically everything you could want in a luxury tub. It’s deep and wide and comfy. It looks good in your bathroom, has a self-cleaning system for the pipes and the jets are nice and powerful. It is beautiful to look at, has a nice speaker and cool lights too. I’d most definitely buy this tub again. I really like it and the price was reasonable.

- Omari, ID

Since this is a bathtub and you will need to place it in your home, it must compliment your interior and look good. 

The ARIEL Platinum model received the most positive reviews regarding its design - 24% of users rated it as very attractive.

I get a lot of compliments on this tub! It makes my bathroom look stylish and I love to have long soaks with the jets on.

- Teresa, AR

👉 Things to consider:

  • Since this bathtub is 9 inches smaller than the previous one, it may be less convenient for people of high stature (6 feet and above).
  • According to suggestions from a plumber, during installation, pay close attention to fixing the drain firmly in place so that the structure of the tub can prove to be more reliable.

The best option for evening relaxation

...Extremely comfortable tub with plenty of leg space. Love its changing LED lights and built-in sound system, so can listen to my favourite music while taking bath

- Katty, KS

SDI Factory Direct

Model: SYM636R
Price range: $$

Show price

We highly recommend this tub for those who appreciate taking a rest with high comfort on their own in a calm, relaxed atmosphere.

🤔 Why so?

The tub is an absolute winner in creating a relaxing atmosphere. Its changing colour light system in combination with the sound system will make any evening a very special one. 67% of owners named the ability to play favourite music while taking bath as the best feature they ever met in a tub.

The tub is extremely comfortable and roomy. Customers marked how much space there is in the tub for legs. As a nice bonus, it includes a removable pillow (watch out: don't fall asleep 🙂 

Air jets are believed to be less powerful than water jets, but not in the case with this tub. That’s the only tub on our list that has 2 pumps. They push a strong airflow that makes all 17 jets work on their limits providing smooth aero-therapeutic massage.

Things to consider:

  • A little bit expensive, however, it’s a fair price to pay considering the excellent quality of the product.
I’m not the type of person to write reviews but I just had to for this one as it totally deserves it, especially considering the lack of reviews it currently has. To start with, it’s a great product that comes with stellar customer support. Amazon let me down with the shipping but that was bound to happen since I placed an order just before Christmas. I ordered the wrong sized tub but the seller was very quick to respond and sent me the new size right away. Keep in mind that the tub is quite bulky and heavy and would require at least 2 to 3 people to set it up. It proved a bit of a challenge as it needed new wiring. Make sure you book an appointment with an electrician who can help you out. It cost me an extra $500. Connecting the tub to water pipes was fairly simple but did require a few tools to seal the drainpipe tube and tub drain tube together. In regards to the performance, the jets work wonderfully well and have two options. My children name them streams and bubbles. The lighting is very pleasant and creates a cozy atmosphere. The tub works great at maintaining water temperature and I love this as I do not have to add hot water every time the temperature drops. It’s got a good depth that allows you to immerse fully into the water. All in all, it’s a brilliant product. We’ve been using it every day for the past 3 months and have not had any problems with it so far.

- Alex, TX

Some tips & tricks for a safe purchase in Canada

All models from this article are in high demand, so they are not always available. In order to have peace of mind that you can get your hands on your preferred bathtub, consider purchasing from Amazon. 

Through Amazon, you will get the maximum A-to-Z guarantee, which protects your rights when buying from a third-party seller.

The guarantee covers both the timely delivery and the condition of your items.

You can always request a refund within 90 days * under the A-to-Z Guarantee if:

  1. The wrong item was sent to you
  2. The item was not delivered
  3. The seller did not return the money for the returned goods

Pick from the best models and enjoy a home spa experience that you will cherish for years to come! Not only will it offer a relaxation experience like no other but it will also assist in your well-being and will be one of the best investments that you make. 

Hot tubs and jetted bathtub models are recommended in this article

The demand for hot tubs and jetted bathtubs has increased dramatically since the COVID-19 crisis. For this reason, the best models are almost always out of stock. If you happen to find the one you need in stock — consider yourself very lucky and do not delay in making that all-important purchase that will offer the best value for many years. 

Coleman SaluSpa Havana
Coleman SaluSpa HavanaHudson Bay Spas hot tubARIEL Platinum jetted bathtub
Cost-effective and portable hot tubBest 1-person hot tubA bathtub with powerful water jets


✔️What is the best small hot tub in Canada?

We have analyzed more than 60 models, reviewed over 780 customers opinions, analyzed 56 models of hot tubs and bathtubs; Studied over 1640 customer reviews; and can strongly recommend two models: - “1st-try an inexpensive option” Coleman SaluSpa Havana 2-person inflatable hot tub - “Portable tub for self-isolation” The 1-person Hudson Bay Spas hot tub

🆒 How do I choose a good hot tub?

Consider the most important criteria: - Easy-to-clean - Easy-to-install - Size/ Roominess - Powerful pump and jets *Check more details in our texts. 

👁‍🗨 What 1-person hot tub is the best?

Only 1 good model is available at the moment – Hudson Bay Spas (or Home and Garden Spas). This jacuzzi leads in the three most important parameters – it is quite roomy, easy-to-install and it has 19 powerful, well-placed, and truly therapeutic water jets.

🛁 What is the difference between a hot tub and a jetted bathtub?

A bathtub is not a hot tub. A bathtub needs to be installed in your bathroom. Some have a whirlpool massage system (powerful water jets), and in contrast with hot tubs, you can use shampoo and other toiletries in them. Bathtubs are also drained after each use, so they don’t require chemicals and water maintenance.

💦 Are more jets in a hot tub better?

No, the number of jets does not determine the quality of the massage. It is better to have fewer jets that are powerful and well-placed in areas that can target certain aching joints and muscles. The Hudson Bay Spas hot tub is a good example.

✏️ What guarantee is better to choose while buying a hot tub?

Choose a guarantee which protects your rights when buying. The guarantee should give you peace of mind and needs to cover the timely delivery and the quality of your items. For example, you can use the A-to-Z Amazon guarantee.

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