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The Best Topical Coleman Hot Tubs for Canada in 2023

Not all Coleman hot tubs are created equal – make sure you get the most for your money. In this study, we compared all Coleman hot tubs on the Canadian market and selected the best.

In this research, we analyzed all the hot tubs made by Coleman Spas and checked whether the Coleman clients are satisfied with the service. Turns out, not always.

The company now produces several small hot tubs for 2-4 people and two large models for 5-7 people. The most popular model in Canada right now is the Miami one. It is available in two options – the base model and a hot tub with an increased number of jets.

Model About
SaluSpa HawaiiCapacity: 4 person
Shape: square
A medium-size hot tub.
Provides bubble massage.
Air jets are evenly spaced inside the perimeter of the hot tub.

SaluSpa Havana

Shape: round
Has a built-in dispenser for chemicals.
Allows you to set temperature in advance (up to 99 hours).
Pump, temperature, and jets are regulated by a remote control system.
SaluSpa Tahiti

Capacity: 4 person
Made of 3-ply TriTech inflated walls that make your spa experience comfortable.
Inside there is an additional layer — a spa liner —the bottom is more stable and non-slip.
For installation, you do not need extra resources as the hot tub can be inflated in 20 minutes using the hose and pump that come with the kit.
SaluSpa Miami
Editor’s Choice
Has a maximum air-jet density per ft2 for a stronger massage experience.
Bubbling and heating feature works together so you can soak in warm water.
It has a convenient drain valve. You can drain and deflate it in 30 minutes.
SaluSpa AirJet (green) / Honolulu (gray rattan)
Capacity: 6 person
Large family or party model.
It has a ground fault circuit interrupter for safety.
Ground mat keeps water temperatures warm.
SaluSpa Helsinki
Limited offer
Capacity: 7 person
Shape: octagon
It heats at a good pace, despite its large size (1-2 degrees per hour).
Kit includes a reinforced cover with safety lock clips and a built-in air chamber for insulation.
Fabric-coated outer walls.

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About this research

The ByRossi® company research department compiled this research.

Some authors and companies now write articles “for quantity”, mostly copy-paste generally known information. 

Our approach is fundamentally different. Every hypothesis in this article is not only thoughtful but also tested. To provide you with up-to-date and truthful information, we:

Byrossi® research department working process

Our work is not sponsored by any manufacturer or other organization. Our mission is to provide the necessary information in the most accessible form.

We hope we can help you choose the most suitable jacuzzi for your requirements.

Technical comparison of Coleman hot tubs


SaluSpa Hawaii

Dimensions 71" x 26"
Number of jets 114
Air pad protector
Chemical dispenser -
Power saving system
LED-lights -
Remote control -

SaluSpa Havana
Number of jets 60
Air pad protector -
Chemical dispenser
Power saving system
LED-lights -
Remote control

SaluSpa Tahiti
Number of jets 60
Air pad protector -
Chemical dispenser
Power saving system
Remote control -

SaluSpa Miami(orange)
Number of jets 120
Air pad protector -
Chemical dispenser
Power saving system
LED-lights -
Remote control -

SaluSpa Miami(black)
Number of jets 60
Air pad protector -
Chemical dispenser -
Power saving system
LED-lights -
Remote control -

SaluSpa AirJet(green) /
Honolulu(gray rattan)
Dimensions 77" x 28"
Number of jets 114
Air pad protector
Chemical dispenser -
Power saving system
LED-lights -
Remote control -

SaluSpa Helsinki
Dimensions 75” x 75” x 34”
Number of jets 83
Air pad protector -
Chemical dispenser
Power saving system
LED-lights -
Remote control -

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Coleman Spas You’ll Love

People who already use Coleman’s hot tubs consider the manufacturer to be one of the best on the Canadian market for its customer service and honesty.

The technical equipment in each model is presented in an easy to set up manner so that you can enjoy your home spa without hassle.

  • Before buying. The manufacturer explicitly indicates both the average and maximum capacity for each model.
    For example, regarding one of the most popular 71 x 71 x 26 (L x W x H) inches Miami hot tub, if you sit next to each other, then its capacity is 4 people. But if you want to stretch your legs to full height, then this model is better for 2 people.
  • Installation. You don’t need to have additional pumps or other tools. To inflate a new jacuzzi in a few minutes you need to connect a hose to the pump that comes with your hot tub.

Advice: This may seem obvious, but from our experience, we recommend that you read the instructions carefully before installing it. It will prevent leaks or other troubles (if you forget to fit one of the gaskets on the hose, for example). You will receive complete instructions with your jacuzzi. Additionally, Coleman has created a step-by-step video tutorial.

  • Usage. All Coleman hot tubs have an external heater (only some manufacturers use this solution). It allows you to heat the water and use the jets simultaneously.

Let’s take a closer look and compare the technical characteristics of all Coleman Spas models.

4-person Coleman Spa models

Technologically, all these models are made based on one basic model, however, each of them has characteristics that make it more suitable for different purposes.

Like all modern inflatable hot tubs in Canada, the Coleman models are made of a very durable 3-layer material. A person can easily sit on the back of this jacuzzi.

As we mentioned above, these hot tubs will be spacious and roomy for 2 people but 4 people also can sit next to each other comfortably. In our opinion, the square Hawaii model is roomier and will be enough for at least 3 people.


SaluSpa Miami
#1 in “Basic inflatable hot tubs 2020.”
This model is suitable for those who “do not want to spend money and time installing a regular hot tub for $ 10,000”.
Even the basic (black) model is equipped with enough jets to give you a quality massage. Consumers informed us during the interviews that they relieved pain and discomfort thanks to this jacuzzi.
Also, this model is recommended by those who use different hot tubs for years. A person who had tested jacuzzis (regular and inflatable) said: “the small portable hot tub is a great purchase.”
Who is this hot tub not suitable for? — families of more than 5 people, and party lovers. This model is better suited for cozy and relaxing gatherings with close family and friends.
Buyers stated that 2 people can stretch comfortably as possible, but up to 4 people can easily fit in it too.
“...we can seat 3 people in the spa comfortably.”
“Easy setup. Water was hot in less than 24hrs”

SaluSpa Hawaii
#1 in “Medium party hot tubs”
Customers recommend this model for those who want a compact and roomy hot tub at the same time. The SaluSpa Hawaii is more spacious than similar round hot tubs.
In this hot tub, you can easily relax in the evening with your friends. If desired, you can also purchase LED lights for cozy backyard parties.
The Hawaii model allows you to try an inexpensive hot tub.
“I highly recommend this hot tub for beginners so that they can have an inexpensive chance to see if this hot tub is for them or not. It is better to try this one instead of spending a lot of money on another one and finding out that you are not able to return it after a year or so.”
- Gwyn
“There are no jets like those that give you a powerful massage in expensive models, however, you wouldn’t find out as the bubble massage feature is brilliant.”
- Debra
“We LOVE this inflatable hot tub. Honestly, it is such a great purchase. We are moving soon and didn’t want to spend more time on a permanent hot tub that would end up being left behind so we thought we would give this a try so we would have it for the summer. It has been great! Perfect size for 2, heats up and holds the temperature pretty well (starts at 103 and after running bubbles, for 20 mins the temp drops to 101-100 which is fine. The bubbles are surprisingly strong and the bottom is really comfy. We weren’t sure how this tub was going to lasand tht but so far it’s been used almost every day and it’s fantastic!! We even drop the temp to 90 on hot days and just stretch out to cool off. Totally recommended!"
- Tina

SaluSpa Havana
#1 in “3-person inflatable hot tubs”
This compact model is equipped with additional remote control features along with powerful jets and solid walls. This makes the control of the pump, jets, and heater even more convenient.
The hot tub is easy to assemble and disassemble. You can inflate and deflate it an unlimited number of times.
You can move it around without assistance. So, you can change its location frequently. Due to it being lightweight and compact, it will be easy to place in your yard, garage, or indoors. Since you store it in a small package, it takes up little space and is convenient to store.
“This is the second time that I’ve bought an inflatable spa, and I have to admit that I love this one over my first one. The jets are very powerful to the point where they can push you to a side with their pressure. I struggle with back problems and the jets provide a strong and relaxing massage. I love the remote control too. I advise that you purchase some Bromine tablets along with a floater as the tablets alone are not very effective.”
- Gretchen

SaluSpa Tahiti
#1 in “Modern inflatable hot tubs”
It is the newest model from the Coleman range. And a lot of youngsters fell in love with it instantly.
It has everything for a great evening with your friends (6 + 1 LED lights pack) and to relax after work.
The manufacturer has left out unnecessary features that are usually just marketing gimmicks.
The model is equipped with a Chem Connect dispenser for stable and evenly dispersed levels of chlorine.
You can always leave it on, and it will maintain the temperature you need for several days. All you have to do is remove the cover and enjoy a warm air bubble massage without wasting time on heating.
Also, you can set the temperature in advance. For example, it can heat the water in advance and you can soak in it right after work.
Like any other Coleman model, this hot tub is designed to make you feel comfortable (soft and elastic interior) and enjoy the massage. The jets are also capable of high-quality massage, and you can relieve muscle pain or relieve tension after a tiring working day.
“... Delivery was quick! The written directions that come with it are not detailed enough and steps are missing but we figured it out. It's everything we hoped for and more! It goes up to 104 degrees and baby it's HOT which we love! My husband, 20 yo daughters, and I have used it every day so far! The hot tub helped to boost us up on the cool parent’s scale. LOL”
- Deborah

All models come with an AirJet system, supplied with two replaceable filter cartridges, one reinforced cover with safety lock clips, and a repair kit. Hot tubs also have an integrated water filtration system.

6-person Coleman Spa model — best safety mode in “inflatable hot tubs 2021”

SaluSpa AirJet


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(gray rattan)

You may be surprised, but it was reported that some hot tubs like those from the Aleko brand shocked people in 2020. 

Coleman, on the other hand, takes care of your safety and supplies a pre-tested pump, pre-tested hot tub, and a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) that trips at 6mA.

Also, you don’t have to worry about any leaks — these hot tubs are made of durable materials and are also pressure tested before being sent to you.

Coleman primarily focuses on safety, so you get a Leatheroid pool cover with double safety lock clips and a built-in air chamber for insulation. It is especially useful for those with small children. They usually cannot open these locks by themselves.

Like others, this hot tub inflates in 20 minutes. After that, you can fill it with water, heat the water, and get ready to relax. The heating rate for this model is slightly above average — about 2 degrees per hour — for such a large jacuzzi, this is a good indicator.

Inside the jacuzzi, blocks with jets are located around the perimeter. There are 114 air jets in total and they will give you a relaxing massage. The jets are not very strong but tangible and pleasant. Thanks to the thoughtful placement of the nozzles, you get massage for all the necessary muscle groups and body parts – back, legs, arms, shoulders, and the neck.

Here are some comments from customers who have already bought and tested this model:

So far so good I am about 215 pounds, I could literally sit on the side. The structure is built solid. Right now I have it on my patio and it feels amazing outside. Can’t wait for winter to bring it to the basement. It took only five hours to reach max temperature not bad truly do love it so far.Anna, MI
Wow! Seriously, wow. This spa is a high-quality product. It took about 20 minutes getting it ready to fill. It took a total of 30 minutes to fill, and we have terrible water pressure…I am still impressed with the fortitude of this material. … The very sharp piece of metal mesh did not penetrate at all. I am over 200 lbs and can sit on the walls no problem. I am also in love with the connections to the pump/heater…. Now, I live in Arizona so the coolest it gets here at night is about 35F. If you live in a cooler climate consider putting this indoors. It took about 9 hours for this to warm from 86 degrees to 104 degrees. … Countering any possible negative you can find here is the simple fact that this tub comes with you wherever you go. Indoor, outdoor, rental or property owner this thing IS going to meet the need. Also, you can comfortably sit 4 200 lb. adults in here.Alex, AZ

7-person Coleman Spa model — limited offer

Coleman (Bestway) Helsinki 7-person hot tub

This model is produced in small batches, so if you happen to find it in stock, you are a lucky buyer.

For this model, the manufacturer chose a non-standard, more natural design.

Helsinki is the most spacious Coleman hot tub. During our research, we tested different hot tubs, and octagonal models are indeed the most spacious.

Compared to the six-person model, Helsinki uses newer components. The chemical balance of that spa is easy to maintain with the dispenser that releases chlorine at a controlled pace.

The pool cover has an aluminum foil coating to keep water extra warm.

Advice: To install a regular hot tub at home, you need to reinforce the floors in the spa room. But there is a simpler solution – you can use the Coleman Helsinki model indoors because this hot tub is both spacious and weighs much less than its stationary counterparts (e.g. 85 lbs Coleman Helsinki VS 630 lbs Hudson Bay Spa). You can put it in the bathroom without any problems. When planning, you only need to know one parameter – how much weight per square foot the floor in this room can support.

The tub was delivered to me a day before it was expected, that’s one great thing to start with. It was a piece of cake to set up with easy to understand instructions. It probably only took 20 minutes in total. The hot tub is effective in retaining the heat, I am surprised by how warm it stays whilst being used and with the cover off. The air jets are brilliant too. … It’s very durable and comfortable to soak in. It doesn’t feel like you’re in an inflatable tub, it’s so comfortable. Lastly, and this is from my point of view, considering that I’m 6’7″ and I’m hardly able to fit comfortably into anything. This tub is a great exception. I can easily lay down, with my legs stretched and knees comfortable under the water. This tub is spacious and I recommend that you buy it. It’s a great purchase!Victor, CO
We were not sure whether we wanted to invest in a proper hot tub, so we purchased this inflatable one instead to see how we get on with it. We chose this one due to its size. The wooden look complements the surroundings. It was easy to install and was nice and spacious to be in. We have a family of five and we fit in comfortably.Jennifer, IA

About Coleman Spas

The company claims that its history began in 1900, when politician, inventor, and businessman William Coffin Coleman created a gas-powered lantern.

Coleman circa 1920
While he was selling typewriters in Alabama, Coleman saw a lantern that used gasoline instead of kerosene. He switched his sales to lanterns, believing these would be useful. He began to craft his own lantern, which he marketed as the Coleman Arc Lamp.The New York Times

102 years later, this company designed a torch for the Winter Olympics.

John Nowak, a torchbearer, with a 2002 Olympic Torch

Coleman turns 120 this year and has over 4,000 employees. Today, Coleman also manufactures camp stoves, sleeping bags, coolers, hot tubs, generators, watches, sandals, tents, dog toys, and backpacks among other things.

Here’s what customers are saying and thinking about the company’s activities and products:

This is great, the benefits of a hot tub without the hefty price tag. This has been a great addition to our backyard, purchased an 8ft x 8ft pergola to go along with this. Easy to set up and maintain.Daniel, OH
I was kind of hesitant to purchase this thinking it wouldn’t be the best quality because of it being an inflatable one. Was so happy! Love this! Easy set up and very well made. If you are thinking of purchasing, I would highly recommend it.Jennifer, PA

Coleman inflatable spas

Coleman SaluSpa Hawaii

Coleman SaluSpa Havana

Coleman SaluSpa Tahiti

Coleman SaluSpa Miami

Coleman SaluSpa AirJet

Coleman SaluSpa Honolulu

Coleman SaluSpa Helsinki

Before you turn a Coleman Spa on

If you are choosing Coleman as your first hot tub, here are some practical tips from experienced hot tub customers.

  • Along with the purchase of the jacuzzi, you also need to purchase a starter kit with chemicals. Some sellers offer ready-made kits of various compositions and quantities. We have prepared a comprehensive guide to all possible chemicals and have compiled a list of recommended care products and tools. You will also find recommendations on what proportions and what dosages should be used.
    Warning! using a hot tub without chemicals can be dangerous to your health. 
  • The longevity of any model depends on 2 points — its quality and your maintenance. We are working on a hot tub market for many years and know some tips & tricks that will help you extend hot tub life
  • Coleman inflatable hot tubs can be used indoors and outdoors (if the air temperature is above 40 degrees). Choosing the right location will allow you to reduce your energy bills (better thermal insulation), and avoid mould problems. If a hot tub is placed in the wrong area, you may face difficulties in repairing it and even damage floors in the spa room or on the balcony. To protect yourself and your home, and get the best out of your jacuzzi, read our guide to choosing a place for a home spa.

Secure yourself and your home with the right hot tub spot How to Pick & Prepare a Place for a Hot Tub (Outdoors, Indoors)

Only necessary and obligatory chemicals for the home jacuzzi Top 3 Chemical Start-Up Kits for Hot Tubs 

Extend the life of your hot tub by following a few simple rules How Long Will a Typical Hot Tub Last? (and 4 ways to increase it)

FAQ about Coleman Spas

🏪 Where is it better to buy a Coleman hot tub from?

When buying a hot tub, it is better to choose retailers with a good reputation, which provides an extensive guarantee for items, delivery, and accessories. We recommend using the most comprehensive A-to-Z guarantee from Amazon.

💲What is the price of a Coleman hot tub?

You can find these hot tubs ranging from $ 300 to $ 2,000 on average across different platforms. The basic Miami model, which has all the necessary functions, is equipped with a good heater, jets, and a pump. The largest Helsinki model is designed for 7 people and costs about $ 2,000.

❄️ How to winterize a Coleman inflatable hot tub?

Warning! It is prohibited to use the Coleman inflatable hot tubs outdoors if the air temperature is below 40 degrees. If you want to have a hot tub that is more energy-efficient in autumn and spring, keep it warm for longer, and use less energy, then choose the models that received more than 50% positive reviews in the “energy efficient hot tubs” category (for example, Hawaii)

🛀 How long does it take for a Coleman hot tub to heat up?

Usually, Coleman hot tubs heat up to 2 degrees per hour. The rate at which the hot tub heats the water depends on how warm the water is in your mains supply. For example, if the water temperature is initially 68 degrees and you want to heat it to 100 degrees, then your jacuzzi will heat the water in half a day or overnight. You can also use a timer (which is available in modern models such as Hawana), and the jacuzzi will heat the water itself. 

🔸 What temperature should I keep my Coleman hot tub when it is not in use?

For your hot tub to be ready for use at any time, we recommend keeping the temperature in it 5-7 degrees below the desired one. As a rule, it is better to set the temperature around 90-95 degrees.

💧 Can you add boiling water to a Coleman inflatable hot tub?

It is unsafe because it can damage the hot tub parts. If you still want to add the heated water to the jacuzzi, then add warm water (up to 100 degrees). You can also set the temperature on the timer in advance so the jacuzzi can heat the water to the desired temperature.

⏰ Is it cheaper to leave the Coleman inflatable hot tub on all the time?

It depends on the frequency of use of the jacuzzi and the air temperature. If you use the jacuzzi every few weeks, there is no point in keeping it warm all the time. But if you often soak in the jacuzzi, then it is more profitable to set the temperature 5-7 degrees below the desired one and just warm it up a little before use. In this case, minimum heating will be more energy-efficient.

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